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5 Ways to Boost Hospitality Venue Sales This Father’s Day

Amidst lockdown extensions and resurging Covid-19 cases, Father’s Day dine-ins are no longer an option. However, there’s no need to skip the celebration entirely. Here are a few ways hospitality venues can still serve up a special Father’s Day treat.

1. Make to-go Father’s Day packages the go-to

Customers should still be able to enjoy the experience from the comforts of home – complete with your Father’s Day special.

Plan out irresistible Father’s Day packages, from three-course meals to family sets, at a promotional price and furnish it further with a card or home-baked treats.

To accept and execute these orders, set up an easy online ordering platform and roll out a pre-ordering system with an early bird discount to take payments ahead of time.

2. Host a giveaway, and some other perks

Give new meaning to the phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” by hosting a giveaway, featuring your Father’s Day package as the prize.

Amp up follower engagement by offering a few lucky customers free Father’s Day sets if they tag their friends in comments or share your post. Then, take it a step further by following up with an enticing discount for your package to other participants who pre-order.

Psst: if you’re running short on time to plan it out, you can make use of Convo’s preset giveaway template. Just set the duration and budget, and voilà: you’re good to go.

3. Market your meals across all channels

Bring your Father’s Day specials to the forefront through your Instagram, Facebook, Google Business listing, and website with your offer details.

Don’t forget to make full use of each platform’s features by setting up countdowns, or by using Q&A features to find out what your audience’s plans are so you can cater your deals to them.

Make it extra personal and get in touch with existing customers from previous bookings through direct email marketing. You could even offer exclusive “just for you” pre-order deals, so they won’t be able to pass up.

4. Be sure to invest in your ads

It takes money to make money – and in this case, it’s worth it. With Australians set to spend up to $800 million on Father’s Day presents, this is a golden opportunity for any venue to boost its ROI.

Double down on promotional efforts by setting up targeted advertising campaigns on digital channels with clear call-to-action buttons that lead straight to your ordering system.

If campaign setups aren’t your thing, platforms such as Convo can help you through personalised marketing templates, intuitive step-by-step prompts and even results-based monitoring, so you can understand your ad performance in just a few taps.

5. Start early, aka right now

Marketing celebratory offerings ahead of schedule can generate bigger buzz, and therefore bigger-scale awareness. As a plus, you help customers solve the age-old dilemma of “What can I get for dad?”

Starting early also means being able to offer more promotions, like pre-order discounts or last-minute deals, and gives you a comfortable timeline to go full out with your ideas.

But if you still find yourself strapped for time, Convo’s all-in-one platform makes it simple to create and track ads, so you can focus on satisfying both your customers and your business.

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