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Take the Stress Out of Re-Opening with These 5 Hospitality Platforms

Everyone is looking forward to COVID restrictions finally being lifted. However, as a hospitality owner, tensions are understandably high with massive to-do lists. Get a helping hand with these 5 platforms and get the most out of your re-opening!

Everyone is looking forward to COVID restrictions finally being lifted, and hospitality venues re-opening for dine in so that people can gather together once more.

However, as a hospitality owner, tensions are understandably high with massive to-do lists that need to be checked off prior to re-opening — and no doubt operational matters are the main concern. 

Get a helping hand with these 5 platforms and get the most out of your re-opening!

1. Mr Yum 

With strict density limits on indoor dining and the recent release of new outdoor seating permits, hospitality owners are trying to maximise their outdoor dining areas. 

However, managing a new service area can be tough! It requires more staff to serve customers and can be difficult to maintain the same level of amazing customer service across the floor. 

Luckily, you can now make this process heaps easier with Mr Yum’s QR code mobile ordering system! 

Using Mr Yum, customers can order and pay straight from their seat using your beautifully curated visual menu - helping you manage new table areas and create service efficiencies whilst still providing an awesome customer experience (plus, orders through Mr Yum see up to a 40% higher spend). 


2. PaTH Business Placement Program

Restaurant & Catering Association is partnering up with the Australian government to help young people gain skills and work experience in the field.

If you are looking for some extra helping hands for your re-opening, you can always apply to be a member of the program and hire new staff/trainees, as well as receive additional financial incentives for your business.

You and the trainee are financially supported by the government during the internship period — that’s a win-win! ⭐

Click on the link below to learn more about the program.


3. Now Book It

Gone are the days of taking bookings with pen & paper. You can now do it with just a tap of a finger with platforms like Now Book It.

With all hospitality venues opening at the same time, it’s best to get your customers to commit to dine with you. Now Book It’s platform can help you seamlessly take bookings and allow you to maximise revenue by ensuring smooth cover turnovers and no double bookings. 

But what makes Now Book It different from the rest of the competition? By eliminating commissions per booking, it provides software at a low monthly subscription fee, costing you less for more! It also empowers restaurants to take bookings directly via their own website, doing away with the third parties who try to take a cut of your business.

Time to fill up those tables!


4. Foodie Coaches

Ever wondered how to increase profitability for your hospitality business? Wished that there was a coach or mentor that could give you advice and show you a proven roadmap? Or know that learning is a never ending process, and there are always new ways to be better?

That is exactly where Foodie Coaches come into play!

Their mission is to help your hospitality venue become a sustainable, profitable business — and they've got the track record to prove it.

Learn how to increase profitability, market your business, get more customers, and increase your sales… Plus you can even sign up for weekly coaching calls by joining their program!

Be the best with the help of experts and get everything you need to know to help you grow your hospitality business.


5. Convo

Between handling day-to-day operations and orders, digital marketing might not be your top priority; yet it’s a big how-to in attracting and retaining customers, which is where Convo comes in.

Aside from its personalised templates, customised dashboards and automatic optimisations on ads, Convo’s biggest plus is its user-intuitive nature. In fact, that’s how neighbourhood wine bar Wolfe & Molone dialled up their ROI by a whopping 20 times with an effortless Mother’s Day bookings ad.

The best part? With the provided templates and intuitive prompts, you can create and publish your ads in just a few minutes. Fast & user friendly? Yes, please! ✔️


We know how stressful it can be to re-open during a pandemic, having so many things to worry about. If you want to take one thing off your mind, Convo is here to help with a FREE marketing consultation. You'll get a full audit of your venue's digital marketing, as well as a checklist of the top 3 marketing initiatives you can do right now to attract more customers.

Click here to book in a 30 min free marketing consultation! 🗓️

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