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5 Easy Marketing Initiatives to Make the Most of Your Venue Re-Opening

Want to know how hospitality owners stay in the lead and double their marketing effectiveness with half the effort? See how Convo’s marketing templates can build your brand awareness and increase your sales!

Lockdown is finally lifted! 🎉

Word is out, date is set, the hospitality industry is ready to be revitalised once more. 

As hospitality owners are preparing for their reopening in Victoria and New South Wales, operational matters are most likely top of mind — hiring staff, COVID Safe measures and new seasonal menus — so understandably, marketing is not even on the radar at all. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to be one step ahead and bring the crowds to your venue with none of the hassles? 

Want to know how hospitality owners stay in the lead and double their marketing effectiveness with half the effort? Then read on! 


1. Run a giveaway

You’ve got to be in it to win it! 

Giveaways are extremely fun and engaging, and also a cost-effective way to be able to extend your audience reach, generate leads and engage your customers all at the same time. 

Convo’s giveaway template will give your brand the attention it deserves while building a potential customer database that you can always re-market back to. 

Knowing and growing your potential customer base is an important part of running a business and what better way to do that than having a list of excited patrons interested in your product offering!



2. Give a follow up offer

Didn’t win? Don’t worry! Everyone’s a winner by using Convo’s Follow Up Offer template.

There is nothing like a good discount and free add-ons that get people’s attention.

By sharing a little happiness, you can gain even more in return. Your customers will be encouraged to make a purchase in-store or online so they don’t waste their “special perks”.

No idea of what to give? We have an array of best practice examples ready to be used. We don’t lie when we say it’s hassle-free. 😉


3. Build the excitement with an ‘Open Now’ campaign

Early-bird specials or limited offers are always the real deal!

Capture potential customers' details in exchange for an upfront reward like a small discount or complimentary drink.

Let your campaign go viral as you encourage these customers to share with friends, and drive them into your store to redeem their special offer when you are finally open.

Not only does this build up hype, but you are also guaranteed to attract attention to your venue. They get a little serotonin boost, and you get a repeat customer!


4. Get customers' commitment with a FOMO ‘Book Now’ campaign

With all hospitality venues opening at the same time, how do you ensure you are top of mind when customers choose their first places to dine at?

Using Convo's ‘Book Now’ campaign, showcase your amazing new menu and get customers to commit to dine with you and alleviate their FOMO (fear of missing out).

Running this campaign will help you become fully booked, so you are able to maximise revenue and ensure smooth turnover covers. 



5. Create a Birthday Club

Hospitality owners tell us all the time they want to know their customers who walk through their doors. Now you can with our Birthday Club template! 

In exchange for a couple of customer details, Convo is able to reach out to each of your customers individually with a personalised gift on their birthday, making them feel even more special on their special day, all done effortlessly with this template! 

By showing them you care, you will turn your customers into your biggest fans.


It’s time to press the set and forget button on your marketing… Try Convo’s marketing templates for yourself, to see how we can help build your brand awareness and increase your sales 🚀


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