Get customers off UberEats and onto your own ordering platform

UberEats or Deliveroo have you feeling beat with their sky-high commissions? Then Convo’s #SupportLocal template is for you! This template allows you to take back control of your customer database and encourage repeat purchases with our automated messaging solutions.

Is this template right for me?

Does this sound like you?

✅ The majority of my revenue is coming from third-party delivery platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo, and I’m tired of the sky-high commissions.

✅ I want to connect one-on-one with my customers, and encourage them to order directly from my own ordering platform instead. 

Then this pre-built template from Convo is the solution for you. The best part? It’s completely free of charge that will cost next to nothing to implement!

How this template works

Let people scan a QR code to get an offer from you

Collect details from people who want the offer via Messenger

Encourage them to order directly from you with an exclusive offer